How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker

To kick start a fitness regimen, the appropriate tool must be in your arsenal. An appropriate fitness tracker should fit with your lifestyle in terms of style, features, and price.

Fitbit Versa 3 is our favorite fitness tracker in 2023. This versatile device bridges the gap between band-style fitness trackers and full-fledged (expensive) smartwatches, with its ergonomic design featuring an AMOLED display for comfortable reading.

1. Steps

Simple pedometers are an excellent option for people who simply want to track steps without overpaying for extra features. The OZO Fitness SC 3D Pedometer offers basic tracking (steps, distance, calories burned) on an easily read display screen while using a battery with long life expectancy.

The Garmin Vivosmart 4 is an advanced fitness tracker that goes far beyond simply recording steps by tracking metrics such as sleep, stress and menstrual cycles. Additionally, this device tracks training metrics such as VO2 max and load and includes GPS functionality for runners.

2. Calories

No matter your fitness goal or just trying to lead an active lifestyle, a fitness tracker can give you the tools necessary. Accurate ones can even calculate calories burned so you can meet nutrition-related fitness objectives more effectively.

The best fitness trackers utilize various methods to estimate how many calories you burn every day, including your height, weight, age, heart rate and training conditions to measure movement patterns and calculate calorie burnt.

3. Heart Rate

Fitness trackers should accurately track heart rate, heart-rate variability and blood oxygen (Sp02) levels – this data can help improve workouts while prioritizing wellness habits such as sleep management and stress reduction.

Garmin Forerunner 265 is our go-to fitness tracker choice for runners, recording accurate elevation scores and providing a helpful Training Readiness score to show the state of readiness of your body for future races. Additionally, this fitness tracker delivers on our other criteria including long battery life and sleek design – two things dedicated runners value most when selecting their fitness trackers.

4. Sleep

Oura is designed to deliver comprehensive sleep tracking in an unobtrusive package. It tracks everything from sleeping stages and duration, respiration rate variability and heart rate variability before providing it in an easily understandable score each morning.

Recovery metrics, stress levels, hydration levels, menstrual cycles and menstruation cycles are also taken into consideration for an overall Training Readiness score which can help determine if it’s wise to push harder in the gym on any particular day.

5. Activity Modes

Fitness trackers are becoming an increasingly popular option, offering fitness tracking capabilities as well as health and activity intelligence in an attractive, sleek package. This tracker delivers exactly this with outstanding workout tracking features as well as impressive health and activity intelligence in an elegant form factor.

Track sleep and provide athletes with an efficient training readiness score, all while enjoying long battery life and an always-on display.

This affordable tracker boasts a beautiful full-color display and offers an abundance of workout modes suitable for serious athletes. Additionally, its accuracy for basic tasks like step counting and sleep tracking makes it highly desirable.

7. Alarms

Never has there been a better time to invest in one of these small devices than now. Fitbit has led the charge in popularizing this category with models ranging from affordable band-style trackers all the way up to smartwatches equipped with GPS capabilities.

As our top pick for fitness trackers under $100, we suggest the lightweight and comfortable Fitbit Inspire 2. With comprehensive tracking features like color display and all-day SpO2 monitoring to detect sleep apnea as well as two-minute relaxation sessions and an efficient “find my phone” feature, it makes an excellent fitness companion.

8. Sleep Tracking

Vetted editors employ various fitness trackers, such as Xiaomi Mi Band, Apple Watch and Garmin Vivosmart 5. This last one tracks workouts via GPS and heart rate monitoring while also offering sleep tracking, stress management tools and an energy score that shows you how much energy is left for the day based on restful and exercise-intensive periods.

For sleep tracking, one of our preferred devices is the Oura Ring; its comfortable design makes it easy to wear, while offering ample information in a minimal package. Unfortunately, its high price point limits its appeal.

9. Weather

If you want a tracker that can withstand rainy runs, select one with at least 5 ATM water resistance standard rating – this ensures it can withstand a swim or shower without becoming damaged or malfunctioning.

Garmin’s fitness tracker is an ideal solution for serious runners and athletes. Offering advanced training features and exceptional mestrual cycle tracking capabilities, in addition to streaming music and downloading applications – its latest fitness tracker provides everything necessary for optimal running and athletic performance.

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