Preservatives in Beauty Products

You have probably heard of preservatives in Beauty products. These chemicals are essential for cosmetic products because they extend their shelf life by inhibiting the growth of microbes. Because most microbes live in water, preservatives must also be water-soluble. Preservatives can be synthetic or natural and perform different functions depending on their formulation. Parabens and […]


Beauty Care in the Summer

During the summer months, you will probably be applying more makeup than usual, so it’s important to take extra care of your skin. In addition to limiting the amount of makeup you use, you should use sunscreen with a broad ultraviolet spectrum, 30-50 SPF. It should cover all areas of your body, including your hands […]


The Difference Between Eastern and Western Aims And Concepts Of Beauty

Beauty is one of the most subjective terms in the world. Beauty is most often defined as an aesthetic feature of things which makes these objects aesthetically pleasing to see. These objects can include humans, landscapes, Sunsets and beautiful works of art. In aesthetics, along with individual taste and art, beauty is probably the most […]


A Guide to Skin Care For Wrinkles and Skin Problems

Skin care is a vast area of medical practices which support skin health, improve its appearance and alleviate various skin-related conditions. Their main function is to protect skin from external factors like dirt, dust and damaging UV rays. Some of the methods can even be considered as medicine because they treat or prevent skin diseases. […]


Skin Care Tips From Dermatologists – Follow These 4 Simple Steps To a Healthier Skin

Every girl needs a good makeup and beauty tips. Lets face it girls, we are in desperate need of some good advice when it comes to beautifying our skin and keeping it looking fresh. I will give you a few beauty tips right here that will definitely help you! First, remember that your makeup is […]


The Importance of a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is a must for anyone who wants to lose weight. This is why it is so important to tailor your diet to your individual needs. The South Beach Diet, which was introduced in 2003, emphasizes balance, including good fats, lean proteins, and carbs. Jay, for example, may like to eat a lot […]

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How Much Is Crunch Fitness?

The Crunch Fitness franchise started out in the East Village, without any air conditioning, and created a unique culture around a fun workout. The company hired creative fitness instructors to teach its workout programs and the concept caught on quickly. Now, more than 200,000 people belong to Crunch’s gyms around the world. Crunch is also […]

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