Functional Fitness – Training For Real-Life Movement

Functional training develops practical strength that directly applies to daily activities. From pushing and pulling, to squatting, lunging and standing exercises – functional workouts focus on compound movements which mimic real world movement patterns. Functional fitness workouts will help improve the way you move while playing with children or carrying groceries – read on! Here’s […]


Innovations in Cancer Treatment and Supportive Care

Innovation in care has led to more effective treatments and positive outcomes, particularly among cancer patients who face unique obstacles. Yet progress seems to be slowing. Why? This viewpoint explores how digital innovations – from remote patient monitoring to “hospital at home” solutions – could speed up improvement rates. Personalized Medicine Nobody’s cancer journey is […]


Dental Attrition Management

A study was conducted to identify the causative factors and to assess the prevalence of dental attrition. An attrition index was developed to measure attrition and is readily comparable across dental practices. Individual teeth were scored based on their level of wear. The attrition index was useful in assessing the severity of attrition in dental […]


Skin Care For Oily Skin

Proper skin care is very important for oily-skinned individuals. You should clean your face twice daily, but not too often, as this can strip your skin’s natural oils and lead to breakouts. To remove excess oil, you should use a gentle cleanser that is water-based and light-textured. Exfoliation is another important part of skin care […]