Some of the Worst Dental Procedures

There are many procedures you can go through to make your teeth look beautiful, and some of the worst ones are also some of the best. Some of them include gum grafts, dental implants, and fillings.


A dental filling is a way of treating tooth decay. They protect the tooth from further damage and are a way of preventing pain. If you have a cavity, you should go see your dentist as soon as possible. The American Dental Association recommends that you get the cavity filled before it gets worse. This will prevent extensive tooth decay.

Most fillings are non-invasive. The dentist will numb your gums using a local anesthetic. He or she will then remove the decay and seal the tooth with filling material.

Fillings can become damaged over time, and they should be replaced if you notice any issues. There are a number of signs to look for when checking for a defective filling. Some of the most common problems include unevenness, roughness, and improper shape.

Gum grafts

A gum graft is a procedure that can restore the shape and appearance of your smile. It can also help to avoid further damage to your teeth, which can occur when gums recede. However, gum grafts are not always an easy procedure to go through.

There are several factors that should be taken into consideration before scheduling a gum graft. You may want to consult with your dentist or periodontist. This is because gum grafts can cost a significant amount of money. Additionally, if you have multiple areas that need to be covered, the procedure can take longer.

During the procedure, your periodontist will use a local anesthetic to numb your gums. The anesthetic should wear off in a few hours, but some patients will experience mild soreness.

Dental implants

Dental implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. However, they come with some risks. These can range from bruising to swelling and infections. Before you have the procedure, it is important to consider the risk.

It is also a good idea to consult with a dentist and learn more about the procedure and what you can expect. Some patients may need IV sedation. Afterward, they can expect a few painful days.

A dental implant is a metal post inserted deep into the jawbone. The post is then attached to an artificial prosthesis. After the surgery, the abutment is tightened with a dental torque wrench.

While it isn’t a guarantee, implants should last for ten years. They are a much better choice than bridgework or dentures. Implants can also increase the overall function of your mouth.

Tooth straightening

Tooth straightening is a common dental procedure that can be both beneficial and detrimental to your oral health. However, improper treatment can cause severe damage to your teeth and gums.

Teeth are surrounded by ligaments and roots, so even a slight misalignment can cause significant problems. In addition, crowded and overlapping teeth can be hard to clean. This can lead to plaque buildup and tooth decay. A crooked smile can also give you an unattractive appearance and make you feel self-conscious.

Some people opt for cosmetic dental treatments to correct a crooked smile without the use of braces. The process involves the use of a series of clear aligners to correct the bite of the teeth. Compared to braces, these aligners are easier to maintain and less noticeable.


Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces. It is a system of clear aligner trays that are custom-made to fit the teeth of each individual patient. The trays are removable, so patients can easily clean their teeth.

Patients have to wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day to achieve results. This can cause some soreness on the mouth. However, the discomfort should subside after a few days.

During treatment, some teeth may be damaged. These can include the roots of the tooth. Also, it’s important to brush your teeth at least twice a year. Brushing and flossing help prevent resorption of the tooth’s roots.

If you experience any mouth soreness, avoid hard foods and drinks. You can also use toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

When you remove the aligners, your tongue may have less room to move. This could result in a lisp for the first few days.

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