Does Planet Fitness Have Classes?

Many are uncertain if Planet Fitness offers classes. The gym has often been criticized for its lack of professionalism; staff have often been reported as unqualified and rude; additionally they feature a “Lunk Alarm” which discourages loud lifting or grunting activities.

These policies could prove beneficial for some members. This is especially the case for beginners without set goals for training.

Circuit Training

Planet Fitness can help make the transition easy, whether you are new to exercise or looking to join. Their experienced trainers will guide and motivate your workout session while group classes provide fun ways to burn calories.

Since 1992, Fitness International has grown into one of the country’s largest fitness club franchises, known for their welcoming environment for beginners looking to exercise. Their corporate offices can be found in Hampton, New Hampshire.

Planet Fitness offers its members an innovative guest policy, allowing them to bring along friends or spouses at no additional charge and assist with workouts if they are uncertain or new to exercising. Black Card members also have access to their facility’s specialized equipment and tanning beds.

Chest & Biceps Class

Planet Fitness offers dedicated chest and bicep classes at 30 minute sessions that offer personalized training with other members under a trainer. In addition, leg and shoulder classes target these important muscle groups.

This gym offers classes like stretching, yoga and cardio workouts as well as weight training equipment such as dumbbells and smith machines for weight lifting – but for serious strength training it may not be ideal as there are no barbells or squat racks here.

PF offers an intuitive app to make it simple and effective to plan and track workouts, with tons of workout videos and tips. Furthermore, there is also the Black Card membership which offers additional perks – including unlimited visits, free tanning chairs and massage chairs, guest passes and much more.

Weight Loss Class

Planet Fitness’ 30-minute circuit can help you lose weight if done three times weekly. This workout targets various muscle groups for effective fat burning. Plus, its fun design makes sticking with exercise much simpler!

This gym features a variety of machines and cardio equipment, along with some sets of dumbbells and fixed barbells, but isn’t suitable for anyone requiring more than a few weights. High school kids frequently frequent the facility and tend to be loud and unaware of others in the room; additionally they take up all available mats at the expense of regular customers.

The Lunk Alarm is an alarm that activates when someone lifts too hard or loudly. While its intent is to deter annoying gym bro behavior, some members find the siren annoying or distracting; it could also make them overly cautious when lifting as fear of accidentally setting off the alarm prevents them from doing so.


Planet Fitness is well known for their reasonable prices and wide array of workout options, including yoga. Beginning yoga can strengthen muscles while improving flexibility; its classes also serve to relax and reduce stress levels.

Planet Fitness also offers personal training sessions. Their trainers are typically accredited by either the National Academy of Sports Medicine or American Council on Exercise, and must abide by local mask mandates.

The gym provides all of the basic strength equipment for both upper and lower body strength training. They provide free weights, machines and various cables and floor space to facilitate bodyweight exercises. Unfortunately, none of their locations offers barbells – something many individuals enjoy doing bodyweight workouts with.

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