Luxia No 7: Say Good Bye To The Aging Marks With This

Luxia No 7: Say Good Bye To The Aging Marks With This
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Luxia No 7Luxia No 7 :- Going in, going out, working, cooking breakfast, stress. We have no time to look in the mirror the only time we ever look at our skin is through car’s rear view mirror.

Yeah, that's how busy friends are. One fine day on a cup of tea, they all were asking the secret of my beautiful skin and were telling their skin problems. Seeing their concern, I gave them the bottle of Luxia no 7 which I am personally using and the secret behind my youthful appearance.

Don't you wish to know how it fared with them? Read my unbiased review about this serum till the end.

But first, allow me to give you an overview of this miracle serum in a bottle 

What this is about and how can I benefit from using it? 

You know every time we panic or think too much we involuntarily raise our eyebrows and now imagine how many times we do this on a daily basis. Yeah, uncountable times. But little did we know because of this and other environmental factors causes our skin to form wrinkles and leads to sagging on the forehead and around the face.

This is where Luxia no 7 comes to solve this issue. Formulated with skin-identical ingredients, it hydrates and illuminates the skin which makes your skin appear healthy and young. This peptide-rich wrinkle serum repairs your skin from the root level, which further boosts the radiance of your skin from within. It is also effective in smoothing fine lines and clear blemishes for a more even look. 

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What does it contain and how does it work?

Ingredients derived from collagen molecule works all day with skin nocturnal activity to regenerate, restore the lost collagen and repair the skin from its dermis level. It works synergistically to restore the healthy and radiant complexion appearance to improve skin quality. Special Focus is made to break down the large fragments of hydrolyzed collagen which don't get easily absorbed into the skin. So, it is formulated in such a manner to deliver the collagen into the skin which gets absorbed and won't break out. It also boosts the production of collagen to shape the saggy face and helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and fights off free radicals. 

Luxia No 7 Working

How to apply? 

Luxia no 7 comes in the serum form. Following are steps to use this anti-aging formula 

  • Wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat it dry with a towel
  • Pump few times on your face and makes sure it covers your forehead, cheeks and under eyes then let it absorb for few seconds

# Do this twice in a day. Once in the morning to get fresh skin and later at night to let this serum repair your wrinkles overnight

Isn't simple, No more waiting to go to the salon to get smooth skin. 

Think I am exaggerating too much, then read what my neighbors have to say about it. 

These women are just like you handling and multitasking all at the same time that leaves no time to take care of their beautiful skin. But one thing common between them is their experience with Luxia no 7 and how they have benefited from it. I have compiled their experience for you.

  • Monica, 30 I used to wake up with the dry and dull face. It takes me around half an hour to do makeup to brighten up my face and hide those big puffy eyes. Luxia no 7 collagen spray is so easy to dispense and instantly wakes me up and has been able to brighten my under eye area. 
  • Kate, 35 I hate going to the salon every fortnight to refresh and rejuvenate my skin. With this serum by my side which already have collagen in it, I don't need to worry anymore about wrinkles and fine around my face.

Benefits of Luxia No 7

Is it recommended? 

Completely yes. I will be damned if I don't recommend this to you. Personally speaking

I don't need to wonder how my favorite actress gets porcelain skin, Because now I have a solution Luxia no 7 right with me which gives me the same effect that too without going to any salon. Talking about any side effects, it hasn't given me any rashes or irritation which had happened earlier when I used harsh chemicals based serum.

What are its precautionary measures?

  • Since Luxia no 7 comes in the serum form, it would be advisable not to place it under direct sunlight to prevent contamination of ingredients in it
  • While spraying, make sure it doesn't come in contact with the eyes. If it does immediately rinse your eyes with cold water
  • It is formulated for mature skin so keep it away from the reach of children and minors

Where can I buy it from? 

To make a purchase of luxia no 7, you need to go to their official website or click the banner below.

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